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The story, untold until now, of how John Kennedy's murder affected the role of his wife, Jackie, the First Lady.
The second installment in the revived StarWars franchise doesn't really need a review, nor anyone's criical comments for that matter . . . just recognition,
A look at the Hollywood of the early 1960s as seen through the eyes of two star-crossed lovers, both in the employ of the enigmatic Howard Hughes, played by Warren Beatty, who also wrote, produced and directed this movie.
The amazing feat of landing an airliner on the Hudson River following a crippling bird strike soon became a bureaucratic sideshow driven by insurance concerns for the loss of the aircraft . . . and attempts to blame the pilot because all the passengers and crew survived.
Star Wars -- The Force Awakens
Definitely a better movie than the weak rehash plot of Star Trek Into Darkness
The men who saw the imploding economy early in 2007 and shored up their defences to stave it off.
The Martian
Another poor soul marooned on Mars, with great visuals and some useful interplanetary gardening tips.
The Young Messiah
The most recent in a series of movies about Jesus of Nazareth, which utilizes a storyline first seen in King of Kings fifty-five years ago.