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A story of a man who dies and leaves his son in his brother's care, revealing an ensemble of deeply annoying unhappy characters, none of whom evoke any empathy or exhibit much humanity.

Some critics loved this film and heaped praise upon it. I am not one of them. The story became dizzying as it moved back and forth in time -- in and out of a series of irritating flashbacks, during which I was unable to figure out who was who, who was who's mother, who is married to whom as we are subjected to this jagged parade of profane, dysfunctional and look-alike violent characters in this dismal tale set against the backdrop of lovely Cape Cod. There was a lot of Oscar buzz about Casey Affleck's acting . . . and in all fairness, it is noteworthy; but beyond that, there remains little to recommend this movie.

Sorry, but I just didn't care for it


--Thomas Ormsby (see also my review of Jackie)

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